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Drilling of Boreholes

The difference between a well point and borehole lies with where the pump is placed. A well point is a shallow hole where the pump is situated at the surface, while with a borehole, the pump is placed at the bottom of the drilled hole. Many well points will dry up in the summer months when water is mostly required for irrigation.

Installation of water holding tanks

These holding tanks are fitted with a pressurised control system and is connected to your newly installed or existing well point or borehole. Your irrigation system will then be fed off this tank using a separate circulating pump.

Servicing of existing Boreholes

Including the removal and reinstallation of borehole pumps and assessment of borehole conditions.

Stimulation and monitoring of wellbore production

Compressed air is blown down the hole to remove the drilling mud and filter pack sediment. This also cleans out the screen perforations and is continued until clean water is seen flowing from the well. A test submersible pump is run to determine flow rates so the correct sizing of permanent pump can be made.

Water sampling

A sample of the water from your borehole will be sent for analysis to determine whether it is suitable for its intended use, consumption, garden irrigation or filling of your swimming pool.

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Together, Iain and Martin have over 50 years of drilling experience. Iain as a driller, then Offshore Manager and Martin as a Rig Mechanic then Technical Superintendent. They have worked on many drilling operations together and after realising the immense need for borehole water in the greater Cape Town area, they have once again joined together. Iain and Martin are involved in the daily operations and will be onsite during drilling operations.

Our state of the art, locally manufactured and proved trailer-mounted, portable rig is easy to set up and operate and strong enough to get the job done. The compact rig has a telescopic mast and can access most parts of your property where larger units cannot. It can be lifted over garden walls thus eliminating the need to breakdown and rebuild boundary walls and fences. It is multi-functional and able to reach a maximum depth of 200m.

The Rotary Drill - drill fluids are passed through the drill pipe, into the hole and then back to the surface bringing up the cuttings

The Downhole Air Hammer - This method makes use of compressed air to help break up hard rock formations. The compressed air is used to operate the hammer and the same air blows the crushed fragments as well as water up the hole that is being drilled.

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